Tango Inspirations


Tango inspirations

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The outcome of an encounter around the music of Astor Piazzolla, “Tango Inspirations” offers arrangements and adaptations of major works such as Le Grand Tango, l’Histoire du Tango (based on the arrangement by Nobuya Sugawa) and Oblivion (based on the arrangement by Greg Anderson), as well as the Preludes for Piano and excerpts from the Tango Etudes.

“This sharing and comparing of our musical experiences and our different aesthetic influences has given birth to a highly personal project, where our artistic and cultural origins intertwine. The result is a combination of jazz and classical influences and, of course, the tango according to Piazzolla. Steering a course between writing and improvisation, we have done our best to invite you into an original and sensual universe where the notes of the piano and the saxophone play on your emotions.”

About Lidia Książkiewicz (piano).
About Michael Alizon (saxophone).

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